It is time to make a change!

Commercial LED lighting solutions provide businesses benefits beyond simple cost saving. LED lighting results in an increased lighting performance, lower maintenance costs, lower running costs and a reduction in your impact on the environment, helping you on the way to any green accreditations you are working towards. In addition, we can facilitate leasing options allowing you to improve your working environment with zero capital outlay


Due to their lifetime of up to 100,000 hours (equalling over 11 years), LED lighting requires little to no maintenance. LED generates a more brightly lit commercial environment leading to a more pleasant working atmosphere and increased productivity.

Environmentally Friendly

LED lighting achieves dramatic reductions in carbon emissions for your business. Whether you are attempting to achieve an environmental accreditation, or just wish to reduce your impact on the environment, LED can work for your business.

Cost Saving

Switching to LED could save your business up to 81% in electricity costs alone. Further enhanced by the maintenance free advantages of LED, the energy savings offset against the installation and hardware means a new lighting solution could pay for itself in as little as 6 months.

Current Grant Funding Schemes

There are currently a number of opportunities available to businesses for help with projects resulting in energy reduction and cost savings. If you would like more information about the funding which may be available to your business call today on 01733 667830 or click here.

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