Water industry deregulation means a free water market place. Now we are able to check your business tariff to ensure you are getting the best deal but more importantly we can check your water and waste bills to uncover possible overpayments, savings and potential refunds available to your business

The Audit Process

Step 1. Analysis

The process starts with an analysis of all the water invoices and charges that you currently receive.

Step 2. The Survey

Given agreement we will then conduct a full, but unobtrusive, survey of the site(s). This will include an analysis of the consumption levels within those areas identified as above acceptable levels.

Step 3. The Report

You receive our reports that come as a result of the site survey (s). They will contain all of our findings and enable you to make an informed decision on whether you’d like to move forward with a recommendation.

Step 4. Implementation

If, having considered our recommendations you would like to proceed (and you are free to ‘Cherry Pick’) we undertake all the work to correct your charges and recover any monies overpaid.

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